Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Good To Be A Princess!

So what have I been doing you ask? Well since recovering from Rain Garden Day which made me late to work on Monday - I decided to really whoop it up and give both the dogs baths on Sunday so by Monday I could barely move. However, my unmoving self did get some art done on the weekend so it's all good!

First up are some picture profiles I did for a couple of chicks on atcsforall.com . One had asked that I portray either my favorite flower, bird or animal in the profile - and it must be 4 x 6 so it fits in a standard photo album. Well, y'all know how I feel about birds - and if you don't, well I'm terrified of the creatures - especially if they take a notion to touch me with their freaky little bird hands. It's been suggested that's why I loathe the winged children phase some people are into with their art.

In case anyone missed the tiara on my head - and if so, just know I am getting a bigger one! and a sceptor (sp?) - I make sure i write "I am a princess" on every card. Being a princess is way better than being a queen - less responsibility and you don't get your head chopped off often.

Then I HAD to finish some ATCs for the Grimm's Fairy Tales Swap on atcsforall.com. Silly Cheeka had written down August 8 for the due date and on Friday I noticed it was JULY 1. Crap!

These were to depict the real Grimm's stories - not that namby-pamby Disney pack of lies! If only I could have done The Juniper Tree (linked for your reading pleasure!). There's so many ways to go with this, from the evil stepmother chopping off the kid's head, to cooking him up into a pudding to his dad chowing the pudding like he was starving to....wow! I'm not sure what lesson was being learned by the kids hearing that beauty - perhaps it was a warning to stepmothers! Anyway, as much as I wanted to depict that one in an ATC, I had to fall back on some old standbys. Each story is linked in the title of the ATC.


Donkey Cabbages

One-Eye, Two-Eyes & Three-Eyes

If you're ever having trouble sleeping, these stories should ummm, keep you from sleeping at all! Grimm's ROCK.

Till next time, Cheeka

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