Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soul Journal - Day 7

Wow - I'm like 3 days behind - but not for long! I think I can catch up by tomorrow! But life catches up with me and dang I need to get my photo profiles cards OUT and I have a few swaps to catch up so I can breathe and the rest are due in October. Skinny book pages due in 10 days and I HAVEN'T STARTED YET. I need to quit making plans on the weekends! Grrr. I'm making candles with my friend Misti on Saturday and then I'm going to make her some risotto because I am practicing to get on Hell's Kitchen. And if I've learned nothing from the previous seasons, I've learned that Gordon really likes risotto. It's like cinnamon toast to him. To me, I don't understand why they sell cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on toast - can't everyone make that? I mean, c'mon - if you can't make cinnamon toast you might as well just get the eff outta the kitchen cuz you don't know jack and you never will. It's hopeless, give up now before you poison someone or worse. Okay, where was I going with this???

Oh yeah! Soul Journal, day 7. Honestly, I have been dragging my feet because this involves journaling (I don't know why I'm surprised, isn't this just getting gluey fingers and paint in my hair - I thought that's what this was all about!). Anyway, the journal prompt is "I forgot to tell you..." and I'm all like, I don't forget to tell nobody nothin - seriously, people are always saying "okay, tell me how you really feel." I just don't believe in hiding stuff - and hey, if you stick an ugly baby picture in my face, I will tell you that baby is ugly. Like my friend showed me a picture of her granddaughter and I said "dang, where'd she get that nose? It's taking up the whole picture! I sure hope she is really smart, because she sure is - oh crap, sorry." But really, that schnoz was humungus! Seriously! And she tried to tell me it was the camera angle - please.

Anyway, after thinking on it a bit, i did think of someone I don't remember to talk to enough - God. So hence more foot dragging, because I really suck in this area. I'm quick to shout "Oh Lord, help me, please" but do I remember to say thank you? Or, I'm sorry I missed our prayer time, I know you were waiting? Nope, I figure, well God knows everything, so what's the point. He knows all the hairs on my head, and how many there are without counting and all. So I had to do it. Here's a few excerpts of my journaling before I cover it all up with tape! I'm only putting the first line of each paragraph because well, this is private stuff, y'all. Quit being so dang nosy!


I forgot to tell you I love you.
I forgot to tell you I'm sorry.
I forgot to tell you I'm grateful.
I forgot to tell you a lot of times I'm scared.
I forgot to tell you that I'll try to be better.
I forgot to tell you I'll listen more.

But there's a whole bunch more but you'll just have to guess cuz I'm going to blur it all out in the photo! Hey and the cool thing is, we were sposed to journal with a ball point pen - like who has those anymore? I left mine in the drawer with my QUILL, okay? But somehow I found a purple ball point pen! That made me VERY HAPPY. Check it out!

So anyway, then we had to find all the tape in the house that was not transparent. As I mentioned in a previous post. I have a lot of adhesives. Lots of tapes, too. Most of which are transparent! But I did have some black duck tape (yes, hussies, that's how it's spelled on the package, duck) and some metal repair tape which ROCKS. Check out my book now - betcha can't read a thing!

Yeah, me neither. Then we had to sand it. Okay, I am such a girl! All I have for sanding are manicure blocks. Whatever works, right?

So the journaling part made me cry a little, which makes me mad because I do not cry. I'm tough! And mean! And scary! Well I was scary when I had my mean glasses but I had to get new ones and evidently they don't have mean ones in bifocals. Sigh. So I had to go back to looking friendly. Anyway! I got that done and I'll tell you a bit about day 8 now - I had to put gesso on it then wipe it off. It's drying right now!

Till next time - Cheeka!

ps - any weird layout choices are Blogger's, not mine! Just so you know!


Christy said...

You just have to think of the journaling like you do writing a blog post. Imagine an audience who will read it (even if you are going to just cover it up after).
Great job on your tape, can't wait to see it after you are all done!

Mary S Hunt said...

so ..you are catching up are ya....and doing a great job of it

and you aren't very scary...you need to work on that

Jane B. said...

I think I'm living in the world of "behind" but that's ok, our soul journaling journeys take as long as they need to take. Thank you for sharing your work - and for sharing your journal writings!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! YOu are HILARIOUS! I am going to to enjoy reading your blog and your Soul Journal, better get a fat one, cuz you may have a lot to say. The tape page rocks, cheers from Sydney, Dneese

...Cindy... said...

So SHINY! I love the foil tape. Really wish I had some for my pages! And wasn't that journal prompt totally inspirational?