Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shameless Pimping

Well life moves along and I'm trying not to get bowled over by it. What's new? I have a few things going on. First, I am the new Kansas City Craft Shop Examiner on Examiner.com. So far I've published two articles and it's pretty much a lot of fun although a bit harder than writing a blog - in a blog there are no rules, really. Now I have to knuckle down and play by the rules. So far I've made 14 cents - woot! Click here to see the site - and if you'd like to follow me I'd sure appreciate it! Also, please email me if you'd like to write for them as well - again, shameless pimping for moolah here! I do what I can!

Speaking of cans, I've been selected to submit some art for the Together We Can art show by Friskies & Fancy Feast - making art from cans. Cat food cans, of course! They are everywhere in the house. I teased the Deacon that we would all have to eat cat food for awhile - I don't know if he really believed me, but Mrs. Deacon has been cooking a lot lately - hmmmm.

Well it's Holy Week, I'm tired and ready for bed! I'll leave with a couple ATCs I made for Katilady's Virgin Mary Swap last year. Hand drawn; prismacolors on watercolor paper.

Cheeka's back - again!

Here I am again after a long hiatus. It's funny, I've lost pretty much everything. My car, my house, but not my self respect, sense of humor or my faith. I'm living with the Deacon of my church and his wife - in the basement. Some days I feel like a kid living with mom & dad. But as I often say, it's all good. I'm blessed - I have a place to live, food, and thanks to my ex-boss keeping me through the 1st quarter of last year, another unemployment claim to keep me going! Woot!

First, a few things I need to say...to the women with children I see on the bus in the evening, wow. I'm so impressed. I could never do what you do! I can't imagine getting home at 7:00 pm with two or three children and still having to cook dinner, give baths, say prayers, etc. Sheesh!

To the Methuselah's dad who I helped over a snow drift - how do you keep going day after day? I hope when I am that old I do not have to take a stupid bus!

And finally, to the men who are as tired and worn out as I am after a hard day's work who give me their seat just because I am a girl - THANK YOU! I am happy to leave equality behind when I am tired. And I always appreciate a kind gesture. Thank you so much!

At any rate, you ask, have I at least been creating? Of course, although not as much as you'd think...but that is changing! Here's a few of the latest swaps I've done - I dropped out of a few, too depressed some days, too lazy and I did have a lot of moving around of my art space in the last year.

Katilady's Queerious Swap:

There's alcohol inks on transparencies, book scraps, paint, paper, the whole works! Lots of fun!

RobbyGirl's Cheshire Cats - Get Your Grin On swap

Now that's enough to wet your whistles for now, okay? Rest assured I will be blogging regularly now. I'm through hiding. Great changes are coming - I'll talk about that tomorrow.