Friday, August 15, 2008

Aww Hell

Okay, so like, I'm really, really behind on the Soul Journal now! I got so exited about that, I neglected my swaps! I think I broke some kinda rule or something! Rest assured I am caught up and ready to rumble! Thanks for all your nice comments the last two weeks!

I only have a coupla things to post art-wise, but believe me after this weekend I'll have lots!
Here's a skinny page I did for a swap on the art techniques group on yahoo; the theme is summer. One of those commitments I made back in June I think. I made 25 of them - ack! It was good practice, however, because I joined a techniques fat book swap and need to do 120 pages for that one! Sheesh! What was I thinking?
The poem on there is one my gramma (waving! hey gramma!) sang to me when I was a kid - hell, when I was an adult, too. My gramma was always singing some silly song. Too bad she's not here to sing them to me anymore - I'm glad I listened although some of them were horribly racist and I can't sing them these days. Even in the privacy of my own home, that stuff embarrasses me now - amazing that we didn't think a thing of it back in the day! When I think nothing's changed really, I can remember stuff like that and say, well it has changed a bit. But as usual, I digress...
Then I made this lil ATC for another swap on For some reason my friends are calling me pickle (or dickle when I'm being feisty). So to honor my new nick, here's a card.

It was suggested to me that she looks preggers, and perhaps if she wasn't such a boozy slut, she'd know who the father pickle was - I'm not sure how this all came through in an ATC! All I have to say is - "don't hate, man!." Pickles need love too and maybe she's just ummm chubby. I know in my case an unfortunate clothing choice can make people ask "when's your baby due?" although as I get older that happens less and less! Good thing, too, that sure embarrasses a person - not me, because hey I know I'm a chubette. It's all good.

Thanks to all my fellow Soul Journalers for leaving nice comments - I read all of them even though I was busy at work and all and no time to respond. I treasure every comment I receive! So here I go, back to the art grind, if you can call it that!