Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soul Journal - Beginning the Journey

Somehow I stumbled upon Sarah Whitmire's blog, Caspiana, this weekend. She has come up with the most amazing concept she calls Soul Journaling. She is journaling along with us, and you can see the first post here. I decided to play's my journal.

I neglected to photograph the first day's assignment, which was to take your journal, paste dictionary pages on the first 3 pages, then journal on the pages for 5 minutes. Honestly, I just journaled till I had filled the pages, and I used a big fat Sharpie to do my journaling so it filled up the pages quickly! We were to start each thought with "Today I feel" and fill in the rest. It's funny the myriad of feelings I have every day and hardly realize it.

The next day's task was to dry-brush gesso over all the journaling. It was quite liberating (actually I knew it was coming because I got started on day two so I journaled quite honestly).

Okay, I so blurred it so no one could see what I'd written! Private stuff here, guys! Now the fun begins! We had to gather all our favorite writing tools, and write "This book belongs to" and then write our names over and over and over. The assignment was actually to write full names, but I loathe my full name so I only wrote it once. The coloring, glittering, doodling, all kinds of fun stuff came next! Check it out!

As I said earlier, I'm a day behind, but luckily the third task spans two days, so I will be able to catch up. Looking for a knight or something to paste in the book - you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see!

Till next time...Cheeka


Sarah Whitmire said...

You're doing a great job with your journal! I LOVE the name of your blog and your banner too! :)



cmoh said...

Oh wow! A soul journaler after my own heart. I love all the glitter you is just so perfect!

Christy said...

Cheeka did you add your nickname to your page? I love your journal so much that I followed the link over to Sarah's site and then became so excited about it that I made a journal too! Thank you so much for posting about this and for posting your pages.

Altered Route said...

Lookin' it that others are sharing on their blogs. I have my armor picked out...will post a pic soon!
This is fun huh?!!

Cheeka said...

This IS fun! I can't wait for tomorrow - magazine pics! My favorite!

Michelle said...

What a cool idea! I've never really journaled, at least not since high school. I should give it a shot - especially if I make something pretty in the end.