Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheeka In The Garden

So today was a workday at church in our rain garden. Boy did it look sad when we got there! Today's task was weed eating (well really weed chopping as we had pizza for lunch, not weeds - I even stayed away from the salad - bad memories), weed pulling and mulch spreading. It was VERY MUDDY! I had taken a sweat towel which quickly became my situpon - remember those from girl scouts? A BIG FAT SPIDER CRAWLED OVER ME. So that ended my weed pulling sojurn.

I turned my attention to mulch spreading - that is hard work! By the time I left I had a blister which had popped and is probably getting infected as I type, scratches, bugs had been biting me and I was hurting all over. I'm sure at some point I was unconscious and someone rolled over me with a wheelbarrow. Can you tell I'm not exactly the outdoorsy type? MW was there which made it all worth it. Oh and when I got home my tired self fell up the stairs and cracked my leg just for good measure. I'm sure my whole body will be one big bruise when I get to church tomorrow. Very attractive.

Okay enough of the whining - although I do enjoy it! For your viewing pleasure I submit four ATCs I made the other night. . .


Transform Yourself


Sweet Dreams
(starring Zeke)
I've made a bunch of cards, etc., for swaps but they are drying right now so you'll have to wait till tomorrow. That's of course, if I am alive by then.
Till next time! Cheeka

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