Friday, July 18, 2008

Soul Journal - Day 5

So I've DONE NOTHING today - here's our task. First, put some gesso on page 4, then put a wash over the page, something kinda dark. Then grab some magazines and cut out the following images:

1. A smile
2. Something beautiful
3. a chair
4. something red
5. something blue
6. something comfortable
7. something exotic
8. a leaf
9. a color you love
10. a pattern
11. a flower
12. a bird
13. something you want
14. something you own
15. the letter R
16 something that smells good
17. something that tastes good
18. A circle
19. the letter A
20. An eye that’s the same color as yours
21. a hand
22. the letter T
23. a butterfly
24. a number

Then she says, put them aside and I'll tell ya what to do tomorrow. Arrrgh! Then Ms. Confucious says: "Part of not knowing what the end result will be is learning to enjoy the journey." Grrrr. Well I know what I'll be doing instead of lunch tomorrow - clipping magazines! Maybe I'll go gesso before bed. I'm also working on 8 profile cards! I think I owe 5 or 6 and this is getting pretty big so I figured I'd get ahead. Then the devil INTERNET caught me up in looking at other blogs. I can feel smug about it as I was only going on my sister soul journaler's blogs. Not wasting time at all...grin.

Till next time - Cheeka!

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sashibala said...

If this were me, I'd probably have already said "This is too time-consuming" and have given up already. :) I suck when it comes to sticking with things that require work on my part. (*giggles*)

I applaud you for still making time for this. (*stands and claps*)