Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soul Journal - Day 6

Okay so like I'm a day behind now - it's all good! I am enjoying the journey and that's the best part, right? Screw the destination! I'll get there at some point. Anyway! Day 6 was to gesso over page 4 if we hadn't already (nope, hadn't done that) and then put the wash of a dark color on. I chose purple - of course! No blah old brown for me! I did buy some walnut ink at Urban today so I'm all set for when ever I need some. One thing I loathe (obviously - you've seen my studio and it's only gotten worse since last time I shared) is not having something when I need it. I mean, the adhesives alone take up a whole drawer. I have plain glue sticks, embellishment glue sticks, repositionable glue sticks (they effin rock, too) and super tacky glue and YES paste (which is awesome, especially for gluebooks and bigger collages) and spray adhesive and ummm fabric adhesive and liquid nails and well the reason that drawer is so full is I put all the other boring stuff in there too, like extra foam brushes (sorry Mother Earth, I won't buy anymore of those evil things - I WILL wash my brushes) and toothpicks and spackle and caulk - hey those are legitimate art supplies! and oh tapes - magnet tape and scotch tape and metal repair tape (rocks - makes me SING to think about it!) and real duck tape and well that's all I can remember right now. But you get the picture. Okay, I'm straying from the topic at hand - back to the art journal.

Then we were to cut the 24 pictures out that I discussed last post, and cut the image into an inch square. I was going to steal a tip from ruby claire at ruby.clair.x and outline my pix with a black sharpie, but I forgot! I heart sharpies! This picture looks a little whack because the gel medium is still wet and is bouncing the flash.

So next is to journal on the next two pages without any gesso or nothin on them, with a ball point pen - I'd better do as Sarah sez and use a ball point - I'd hate for that to be important in the next step and I SCREWED UP. And small letters - I think she's onto me - grumble. Dang. So I'm off to hunt for a ball point pen so I can journal to the prompt: I forgot to tell you... Honestly I don't know what I'll come up with for that - it sounds hokey and dumb - ugggh. Kinda like sharing with a large group which I have to do a lot but don't like to do! Blah. I'll get through it and probably find out it's like mowing at church - something I dread but enjoy when I'm finally doing it.

Okay - till next time! Cheeka


VirginiaW said...

Ha Ha..sounds like your enjoying the journey..But hey I've already screwed up that much its not funny..

Cheeka said...

Nah it's probably not screwed up beyond repair - and please, mine looks like a 5 year old did it compared to some of the others I see but guess what? DON'T CARE. :O)

KathrynAntyr said...

Oh cheeka you crack me up. When I climbed back into bed this morning to journal about "What I forgot to tell you..." I stopped and asked, "Forgot to tell who?" Hey I don't keep secrets. I'm too damn forthright for that. But you know the more I thought about it there are times when I don't say something, especially to a friend, if I don't want to hurt their feelings. Any hoo, swing by on my take of the project. It may spark an idea for you to run with it. I'm having a blast with this journey and I think it is all the more fun to share it with other creative kindred spirits.

Altered Route said...

Love the purple behind the 1x1's...and I hear you on the journaling. I decided to just make this my art journey and not otherstuff...I have bitch books for that!!!

KathrynAntyr said...

Miss Cheeka, I like the idea of writing about the lovely things we've forgotten to say, like:
*** I love you
*** Thank you for being you
*** I'm so grateful for...
Way to go. This is much better than ranting or complaining or *keeping* secrets. I look forward to seeing your page. Thanks for swinging by my blog.

Christy said...

This page is looking good but where is the glitter??? I'm hoping it is because the page is still wet that you haven't added any sparkle yet.
I had to add lots of glittery fun with my new Shiva paint sticks in bronze (the stick says brown iridescence) and gold. Have you tried these yet? I don't mean to send you off all crazy like (in case you don't have any) but they are to die for! LOL

Cheeka said...

No glitter yet - but never fear, it will be there! And more to come on the horse and armour as well!

I do not have shiva paint stix - but I want some! I just got twinkling h2o's which I have yet to use! And I saw the shiva stix at my favorite art store and they were like $10 each! ack! I do however, have lumiere's - thanks for reminding me!

Mary S Hunt said...

Your spread is EXCELLENT!


i found a "flower" though technically it is a weed
and i picked it once it had closed
but on my way back up from the creek i found another "weed"
and picked it too
they are nestled in the journal
waiting their assignment


thank you for visiting
see ya later

Miss Oddity said...

Cheeka ... I have been glimpsing you around all these Soul Journal blogs and you consistently make me smile and often laugh out loud. Thanks!

Ruby Claire. said...

LOL you're so funny!
Don't worry you wont be able to see it! Mine looks like i wrote it with my toes! :P
i LOOVE that colour purple!! It's so preettyyy :)

Jacky said...

Wow, you're doing great with your journal.. dont worry, I got a bit carried away and did extra to my inchies page too!!!! I should have guessed that Sarah would go back to it! We live and learn, next time will wait and see what she has in store for us.
Gorgeous colour you have used... bright and cheery!!!

shankill13 said...

Well, it looks like you've had your share of ups and downs! As we know, it's faith in God that keeps us moving forward...and I'm sure you're well past first down!

Look forward to your next installment!!!