Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where Have All The Cheekas Gone?

Okay, when I started this blog I swore I would never mention why I missed posting for awhile - because that is so lame! However, I will admit I've been stymied by the paper doll part of the Soul Journal project. It didn't occur to me till the other day that I could just SKIP IT! So that's what I'm gonna do till I get inspired to make paper dolls. Expect to see a big fat update in that arena soon!

So I've been creating like crazy - mostly ATCs, with a skinny book and a chunky book thrown in for fun.
First up - a coupla swaps! Here's the cards I made for the Sock Monkey swap - where you ask? AFA (atcsforall.com) of course! No hostess card but I did send a gift - drawing is hard!

Then some digital cards with transparancies - wow I love those! Of course, these also were for a swap on AFA.

I really enjoyed these! Transparencies RULE.

Enough for now - hugs all around! And if you get a chance, check out my girl katilady's blog - it kicks ass! As does she. I now own 4 atcs of hers - I am a lucky duck. She's very deep (unlike me) but still a lot of fun - like she's not a dorky loser or anything. And sexy, too! So enjoy!