Friday, July 4, 2008

Do You Know Me?

Wow - last night I'm like trying to sleep, it's around 3:30 a.m. and the dogs start whooping, stomping on me, the whole bit and then I hear some hooting back. I look out and here is this little tiny dog. Of course I go out and call him, he comes running up to me. Poor little man was all muddy and thirsty. He is feisty though - got Hank to back the eff up immediately. But between us, Hank is kind of a wussy, especially for a Rottweiler. Zeke is unimpressed with the new foster dog - especially I think because he's so small and more of a "baby" and Zeke is totally the baby of the family.
So anyway, this morning I took this picture - by myself! You can see my hand in the picture, yes I was holding the dog and held the camera in my other hand. He's too bouncy otherwise and I kept getting pictures of his butt and whiskers only. While cute, they probably won't help identify him to his parents. I'm pretty sure he's lost and not dumped as he has had a haircut recently. So hey if you're in the Kansas City area and know this dog - leave me a message! You all know I don't need another dog! I just found a home for Fiona!
I decided for lack of a better idea to call him Tommy. Tommy and I went for a walk and posted flyers around the neighborhood and then stopped off at Benetti's Coffee Experience which is close by and had a great vanilla latte and a cinnamon roll as big as my head - seriously! Oddly, I could not finish more than half of it and had to have Ben wrap up the rest for a treat later. I am really, horribly embarrassed to admit this is only my second visit to Benetti's - definitely will not be my last, especially since they have expanded their hours.
I'm off to continue my fabulous Independence Day celebration my way - by getting a massage at Solaris Massage! I cannot wait! More later, Cheeka

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