Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow what a weekend! First off, I had a meeting at church for the Cursillo coming up in November! If you don't know what Cursillo is, feel free to ask me! Basically, it is a movement in the Episcopal Church to prepare us to be apostles and leaders in the church - which is scary to think of me that way!

Anyway, I left the meeting early to go have an art play date with Road Princess. She made me the bestest birthday lunch ever - meatloaf, au gratin potatoes (from a box - that is important! none of that nasty homemade stuff for me - I want the dish to be made the way God intended - dehydrated potatoes, powdered cheese and water), black cherry jello with no lumpy stuff in it, biscuits and chocolate cake for dessert. Also from a box. I can appreciate a home made cake, but hey, Betty Crocker and the Fatboy have been perfecting these things for years and can make a mean cake.

Okay so I'll admit it - we didn't get any art done, but we did head over to Archiver's because they don't have one in my neighborhood. OMG!!! What a cool place! And how come nobody's told me about Stickles before? Seriously!

So that was a great time - I didn't want to leave (the guest from HELL). We brainstormed and shared and talked about our lives with Christ - it was a glorious day!

Sunday the Bishop was at church. Here's a picture of him and his wife, Mrs. Bishop, getting food at the brunch before the service - they look like ordinary people, right? The amazing thing is, I didn't do or say anything particularly stupid! Awesome! I didn't drop an F-Bomb, I didn't trip in the middle of the floor and maybe hit the Bish with my overflowing pile of bacon, nothing! Mother Pat I'm sure is proud. Although I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and everyone could see my tattoos. I always wonder if I should cover everything up when the Bishop is here, but then I figure he has worse things to worry about than my body art. All sorts of important Bishop stuff.

So the next picture is me and the Bishop, chilling at the altar - okay there are some more people, but I am in the picture (the only one of the MANY that my friend took with MY camera and they are mostly of some stinky kids getting baptized. HELLO???? My camera! Like I need all those pictures of children? Giggle - hey we had 3 baptisms - Thanks be to God! New children in Christ's kingdom! Right on! So the first person who posts a comment and correctly identifies ME (and no fair if you already know me - you can't play this game) will receive a goodie bag of groovy stuff off one of my work tables - you've all seen the pictures and know that's a veritable treasure trove!

Finally, a picture of the Bishop leading the service. Check out that hat! I wish I had one! I asked him if I could hold his big hook thing for him, he said no. Probably would have burned my sinful self anyway. Hmmm.

So like I said in the last post, this week was another collage-a-thon. My muse was taking a nap this weekend - she might have been a little hungover too, I'm not sure what she was doing most of the weekend. But the hateful B was not there when I needed her, and did not show up till about 10:00 on Sunday - then I didn't want to go to bed, I couldn't stop creating! Most of these are traded!

Till next time! Cheeka


Mary S Hunt said...

you are hysterical!!! and since i read the entire post ...you said you did not have sleeves so you must be the lady leaning over the alter child with the sleeveless dress????

LOVE the clown piece!

Cheeka said...

Ha - no I am not! You were fooled! I guess I should edit that to say that PART of the time I was in a sleeveless outfit and PART of the time I was not. Good try! I don't have a big hat on either! Just so you know. :O)

Carolyn Miller said...

Are you wearing the white robe, standing next to a man in a white shirt who is holding a book?

Carolyn Miller

Cheeka said...

DING DING DING! Good job! I will post later tonight that you are the winner! Send me your snail mail address so I can send you some goodies!