Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mail Call!

Okay so today was kinda ugghh. I made 2 doctor appointments and ordered a new pair of glasses ($600! can you believe it????) anyway, going to work and realizing I still have 2 days left - I am so over it, you know? I'm ready for my next adventure! I piled all this stuff on my bed to take a picture and dang - batteries are dead! Phooey! So I'll just describe it for y 'all.

Anyway, I come home, tired, my belly hurts and wow there's all kinds of crap sticking out of the mailbox - score! First, my eBay order of lumiere paints came - wow that was fast! Sugarplums Art Supplies is highly recommended! I mean, seriously, I ordered this on Sunday and got it today!

2 things from my mom - not so uggh. It's always a crapshoot. Could be lecturing articles she thinks I want to read, could be something good. You never know! First up was a cd of pictures because I asked her for digital photos of her and my step-daddy because I have a project I want to do for her. Then was a birthday card with 1) a package of embellishments (she was really listening when we talked the other day! and they are fairy ballerina things - very cool! and 2) a check for $50. Super score! she thought by post-dating it I would have to wait to cash it - silly wabbit! They never look at stuff like that. It is going in the bank TOMORROW. Which is good because my account is down to $10 and the 15th is well a few days away! In fact, this morning it was overdrawn .43 but my good friend at the bank, my personal banker who's name shall be ummm Fairy Godmother reversed the overdraw charge and let the payment to my credit card go through. I really love Fairy Godmother. I want to marry her. Life is good.

The best of course, is my very first ATC trade from Smiling Girl on Flickr. It is called 'daydream' and is so very cool. I was amazed someone so talented would trade with little old me. I have a LOT to learn about trading, though. She put it in a nice handmade card, and added some old book pages as a present and she used very cool stamps on it. I, on the other hand, stuffed it into an SNR envelope between two pieces of cardboard and added a note with a post-it. Ran it through the office postage machine, too. I'M NOT WORTHY! Seriously! I am off to the post office to buy cool stamps right away! Toot sweet!

Question: is there a cooler word to say than "cool"? It's so overused, especially by me. I tried using some new slang i heard from my friend's teenagers, "sick" but it just isn't doing it for me. I try being all British and saying something is "fab" or "super" but I still fall back on cool. I must say though, anyone who spells it "kewl" is so NOT. Just like people who use the term "classy" aren't.

That's all for now! Later!

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