Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cheeka Revealed!

Okay we have two winners! Carolyn & Mary both gave it a go and although Carolyn was 100% correct - Mary was very close. Plus, as she pointed out, I did kind of cheat by saying I was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Well I was, under my cassock! And ya know, before the service and all. Yes, I am one of the robed beings. I am privileged to be an acolyte in my church. Kinda like an altar boy except well I'm a girl and it's been awhile since childhood. So thanks for playing, thanks for reading and I'll get your goodie bags out to you toot sweet!

I have been having so much fun trading ATC's, I haven't had much time for ART. That needs to change because I am almost out of stuff to trade! Nothing new to post today, but hopefully I'll get busy tonight.

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