Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today Is The Best Day EVER!

So could this day get any better? First off, I met Mr. Wonderful (who will be known as MW going forward) for coffee - he is a great conversationalist! So I am tickled PINK about how that turned out. You never know! I also learned that his hero, Jacques Cousteau, and I share a birthday - who woulda thunk it? I picked up some KFC on the way home, which was great! Got on the computer and found out I'd won the May challenge in the Not Just Charms category on the Latest Trends yahoo group. Score! I won a $10 gift certificate to Crafters Cafe! Then I had a lovely nap. Now I'm kicked back, drinking a diet coke (which must be what God gave the Jews in the desert - I could live on this stuff, for real, y'all). Life couldn't be better.

Last night kicked off a Collage-A-Thon on - come and join! I've already made two trades! You can check out the 6 cards i made last night - I had a blast with my new adirondack alcohol inks from Ranger. I gave one to my friend at church, Mary Beth, so I only have 3 left.

Yesterday was my last day at my job. It went okay, it really did. Everyone there is so nice - it's only the evil clowns in Chicago that made this happen, not my homies there. Thursday the secretaries brought wonderful food for us and had a party and one woman made each of us a beautiful centerpiece which was a birdcage with a plant in it. Very pretty!

Time out for a little Godspeak again - I'm not sure why I was there for the 3 months, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity. I met so many wonderful people, and several I know will be lifelong friends. I am truly blessed. To see tough female attorneys with tears in their eyes about the whole situation was very humbling. So it's off to the next adventure - I won't say my bumpy ride is ever very easy, but it's always worth it!




Michelle said...

Cheeka, thank you so much for your kind words left on my blog. I appreciate every one of them. I can't believe at 44, they'd think that was the top age to do surgery for something. Are people supposed to live for 30 - 40 years with pain??

Unfortunately, my father in law passed away this morning. We are all in shock and I'm incredibly angry. I still can't believe he was written off so quickly and we were treated like nothing more than nuisances who actually expected a doctor to help us. Awful treatment. We don't expect much better from our local hospital, though.

Anyway, thank you so much. I really do appreciate every thought at this tough time!

Sue Farace said...

glad I was part of "your best day ever"

your blog is always so entertaining, I linked you.

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