Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Have A Job!

So the awesome thing is, I barely had to look! And I get to work with my fabulous friend Kelley - we used to sit next to each other at SMH. We are definitely going to have to dust off our capes - the Dynamic Duo is back in action!

Time out for a little Godspeak - sorry, heathens. I am so blessed! In my email to all my friends telling them that I had a job and thanking them for their prayers, the last line was "Thanks be to God!" And one smart-aleck heathen friend of mine (and you know I love you!) said, "no, thanks be to Kelley." This of course, led me to a small paraphrasing of a sermon Mother Pat gave a few weeks ago about the hand of God. And i will probably get this almost all wrong, but I will hopefully give you the flavor of it. See, God's hand isn't hardly ever this big celestial hand coming out of the sky, handing you whatever it is you lack, money, your car fixed, a bag of dog food, etc. Sometimes (in fact almost always) the hand of God looks like your great friend Kelley, one of your church sisterchicks, Donna or Abbey or Peggy, your art soul sister Road Princess or even the guy at the gas station imparting a great religious truth to you in the form of hillbillyspeak.

I try to always trust in God - that His plan for me will never be revealed all at once, but in bits and pieces. I fail, but I am human. After my initial shock at getting laid off, and y'all know I had to have a pity party with myself, I just said, Okay Lord, I will trust you know the way I'm going, and go there. Your will be done. And I had this strange calm about the no job, almost homeless situation. I was able to go to work and be cheerful, do my job and not sit there glaring and crying. And it ALL WORKED OUT. Thanks be to God.

Okay, enough of that. How does that phrase go? Don't tease or feed the heathens? I spose I should explain my use of the term - I use it quite affectionately, and my friends know that (or at least I hope they do!). I just use it for my friends who don't yet know God, or just don't think they do.

Well this is getting long, I don't have any art to share (yet - I did finish a present for my friend Carol that I will scan today!) so I think I will sign off now - more later!


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morningDove said...

congratulations on the job. God is a-a-a-wesome. He definitely knows what we have need of better than we do.