Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Did You Make Today?

Well kids, I am at work (hey not like they're going to fire me, huh? - kinda like you can't get more pregnant). So I have some pictures for y'all's perusal - things I've made over the weekend and up through yesterday.
At left are some dangles I made for the May "Not Just Charms" swap on Latest Trends (my very favoritist group) and as I said in my last post, I made these completely out of things laying around on my beadspace.

See - like the Fimo beads on top, when you buy things for no apparent reason or project, you always have something out of which to make a pair of earring dangles! That sentence sounds weird but I would rather cut my tongue out with pinking shears (dull ones) than end a sentence with a preposition.

The hot pink beads are a gift from my art soul sister Mary - so I don't know where they came from. The green ones at the bottom are probably blue moon beads - and the sparkly rondelles on there came from Fire Mountain gems (love that place!).

These keychains I made with some fun tecniques. I got the idea for these here. These are formica samples that I coated with gesso in the technique that totally rocks by Lori Roberts on her blog at Altered Arts Magazine I'll let her explain it because she does a much better job than I do at explaining it. I kind of think it's because I get too excited and start babbling about oil pastels and gel medium and well I usually tell people who really don't care and I know it so then I talk faster and get it all mixed up and their eyes glaze over and I'm like Nooooo it's really cool you'll see. I coat them with diamond glaze in case you're wondering. That stuff rocks!

Finally, here's a mixed media painting I finally finished, "She Dreams of Art." The cool thing is, I dreamed the whole thing, woke up and scribbled it on the sketch pad by my bed and actually did it. Magick!

It's watercolor, acrylic paint, water-soluble oil pastels (I'm sayin! I love these things! I want to marry them!), collage of my ATCs and magick marker. Probably some glitter on there too, or there will be before I frame it. You know, I really enjoy this - that's all that matters, right?

More later...



dyanna said...

I have waited a long time for you to start this blog and show off your stuff. Trish it is so beautiful and inspiring. I love that picture and I have to say it is pretty cool how you were inspired to design it. I didn't want to give it back to you!!!

Again, beautiful work --even my son thinks it is very cool.

Kim said...

How fun! Thanks for the explanation too, that is always very nice.

Moonwillow said...

You have a great start on your blog! and you are so entertaining! lol keep on keepin on. Your bead dangles are great!

Cheeka said...

Thanks ladies! I try to have fun in whatever I do!

mary schweitzer said...

Great blog! And I loved seeing your workspace!

Aileen said...

Congratulations on your new blog! You've posted some fun eye candy, thanks for sharing :-)

Happy Creating!

morningDove said...

Cheeka: i love your new blog, welcome to bloggersville, a community unto itself. I love your title Soul Lilies. How did it come about? what a wonderful post about your dream and to be able to create so quickly is even more exciting. keep up the great work.

wahm922 said...

Great dangles, I placed my vote on the group!

Looking forward to seeing more of your art : )

Cheeka said...

Thanks everyone! Morningdove, my gramma always called things that you don't need to survive "hyacinths for the soul" well I like lilies way better. They're my favorite flower!

wahm, thanks for your compliment on my dangles! i enjoyed making them.

rebecca woodward said...

What a great new blog you have here! I just love your banner, art, and the look of everything. Keep us posted on new art at the LatestTrends group!

~*~Patty said...

Congrats on the fun and excitement of having a new blog! I began last Oct and am not tired of it yet ;) Love your tile key chain collages!