Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Studio Time

Tonight I had fun creating some stuff in my studio. I can't share till tomorrow because I'd rather use the scanner at work while I can - it is so good for that! One project I absolutely had to do was to make 3 sets of dangles for the May "Not Just Charms" swap on Latest Trends group on Yahoo. Boy, does that group challenge me and help me stretch and tone my little artistic muscles! I challenged myself to make the dangles from the mess on my beadspace. Please, it was so easy because the mess on there hides infinite treasures - it's kind of like going to my gramma's house and turning over stacks of magazines and newspapers to find treasures. I take after my gramma evidently - see for yourself.

I am really kind of disgusted - the camera sees all! What is wrong with me? Seriously, I just moved my computer to my bedroom (long story I prefer it in my studio but got DSL [which sucks donkey BTW] and have no phone outlets in the studio) and moved my makeup table in there so now i have 2 more surfaces on which to create and they are all trashed in a matter of days. I had this grand idea of having a cutting station, a glueing station, etc., and now there is just mess everywhere. I can still find everything though! Perhaps that is my excuse - but i really want something a bit more inspirational! I wonder how I can manage this???? I hate, loathe, despise housework and everything connected with it. There's no one around to make me feel embarrassed about it and the dogs think it's great. So what's an artchickie like me to do? I really need to barter for some housecleaning services! I'm pretty good about keeping up with it marginally until some disaster befalls me (and that happens fairly regularly) but I need a new start AGAIN!

Till next time!



s said...

You are too creative, we do some crafting if you would ever join the girl only party.

Cheeka said...

Sure why not - boys are stinky!