Friday, August 15, 2008

Aww Hell

Okay, so like, I'm really, really behind on the Soul Journal now! I got so exited about that, I neglected my swaps! I think I broke some kinda rule or something! Rest assured I am caught up and ready to rumble! Thanks for all your nice comments the last two weeks!

I only have a coupla things to post art-wise, but believe me after this weekend I'll have lots!
Here's a skinny page I did for a swap on the art techniques group on yahoo; the theme is summer. One of those commitments I made back in June I think. I made 25 of them - ack! It was good practice, however, because I joined a techniques fat book swap and need to do 120 pages for that one! Sheesh! What was I thinking?
The poem on there is one my gramma (waving! hey gramma!) sang to me when I was a kid - hell, when I was an adult, too. My gramma was always singing some silly song. Too bad she's not here to sing them to me anymore - I'm glad I listened although some of them were horribly racist and I can't sing them these days. Even in the privacy of my own home, that stuff embarrasses me now - amazing that we didn't think a thing of it back in the day! When I think nothing's changed really, I can remember stuff like that and say, well it has changed a bit. But as usual, I digress...
Then I made this lil ATC for another swap on For some reason my friends are calling me pickle (or dickle when I'm being feisty). So to honor my new nick, here's a card.

It was suggested to me that she looks preggers, and perhaps if she wasn't such a boozy slut, she'd know who the father pickle was - I'm not sure how this all came through in an ATC! All I have to say is - "don't hate, man!." Pickles need love too and maybe she's just ummm chubby. I know in my case an unfortunate clothing choice can make people ask "when's your baby due?" although as I get older that happens less and less! Good thing, too, that sure embarrasses a person - not me, because hey I know I'm a chubette. It's all good.

Thanks to all my fellow Soul Journalers for leaving nice comments - I read all of them even though I was busy at work and all and no time to respond. I treasure every comment I receive! So here I go, back to the art grind, if you can call it that!


Anne said...

Love the pickle ATC! Too cute! :-)

Thanks for trading blog links with me, a fellow Soul Journaler! I've returned the favor and linked from my blog back to yours! (It's in the "Art and Soul Journalers" section along the right side.)

Have fun making art!

blueskysunburn said...

I knew I recognized you! I would remember that pickle atc anywhere. It just so happens I remember it from AFA.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that got behind on their journal. I think I'm stuck on day 11? I can't remember.

Miss Oddity said...

Hey Hey ... love the dancing in your bones quote - you must of had a way cool gran!
I too am doing the fat book and keep thinking ... I really need to get that started soon ... OMG why did I say I would play in that ... must of been a day full of confidence ... sigh